Whether you're time poor or just need someone to get the job done, we're happy to help. From hanging doors and shelves, repairing windows, replacing and repairing decking and pergolas - or creating them from scratch, we're experienced and eager to tackle all your carpentry needs. 

bespoke solutions

Building a pergola, crafting the perfect table or day bed, repairing a beloved wooden chair - we love a challenge and enjoy working with you to find the perfect solution. 


Corporate Repairs

We are known for our professional approach, clean work and the fact we always leave a job spotless! We can turn our hand to all manner of jobs, making Wilk&Son the ideal solution for your workplace or strata needs. 




From holes in walls to changing wobbly door handles and replacing dodgy locks and latches, we are skilled in a variety of repair jobs. 



We enjoy doing the things you never seem to find the time for! 



Mounting TVs
Assembling IKEA/Kit furniture
Installing kitchen cupboards
Replacing or repairing cabinetry                                 Hanging mirrors and artwork
Installing bathroom finishes: towel rails, toilet holders etc      
Installing door jambs                                                       Installing door locks and handles                                   Installing window                                                             Installing vanities                                                             Installing door stops                                                       Skirting                                                                             Architraves
Hanging doors
Building shelving
Installing blinds/curtains
Plastering                                                                           V joint wall and ceiling panelling
Timber framing



External cladding : villaboard, blueboard, fiber cement and timber                      
Building fences and gates
Building or assembling cubby houses
Repairing or replacing any timber work: decking, pergolas, gazebos, gates